AL Fifth Harmony

This week on American Latino, our host Valery catches up with the next big powerhouse girl group, 5th Harmony.

A voice for the voiceless with Pulitzer winning author, Sonia Nazario.
AL SoniaNazario.
AL LuisAntonio Then, fashion designer, Luis ANTONIO's triumphant return to New York.
Plus, we hit the lanes with NCAA Championship bowler, Maria Rodriguez.
AL Maria Rodriguez




Latest Episode 1304

This week on American Latino, our host Valery gets the backstory on Book of Life’s, Ana de la RegueraWe hit the mat with one of UFC’s top contenders, Carla Esparza. Then the Colombian Reggaeton star sure to climb the charts, J Balvin. Plus, we get a glimpse at theme park life with the MTV cast of HappyLand.

 AL AnadelaReguera

 AL CarlaEsparza 

 AL JBalvin

 AL HappyLand



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