AL JRRamirez

This week on American Latino, our host Valery features crime-fighting superhero, actor J.R. Ramirez in the CW’s comic book inspired series, Arrow.

Mexican songwriter, Ximena Sariñana, shares her most personal album to date.
AL XimenaSarinnana.
AL MariaHinojosa Plus, the journalist bringing Latino issues to the forefront of mainstream media, Maria Hinojosa.
Then, M.M.A. breaks out of its cage with the first UFC event in Mexico City, featuring featherweight, Ricardo Lamas.
AL RicardoLamas


Sak Noel – Born To Party

Sak Noel – Born To Party 


Christian Serratos – The Walking Dead 

Christian Serratos – The Walking Dead

Latest Episode 1319

This week on American Latino, our host Valery Ortiz presents… Major League baseball’s premiere Dominican pitcher, Fernando Rodney. We check out the story of rising heart-throb actor, Adrian Gonzalez. Then, fashion designs by Angel Sanchez. Plus, a glimpse at the new wave sounds of Enjambre.

 AL FernandoRodney

 AL AdrianGonzalez 

 AL Angel-Sanchez

 AL Enjambre



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