Cesar Millan

This week on American Latino, our host Valery ORTIZ presents…the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan is back with a new show.

We check out the story of rising actress, Daniella Alonso. Daniella Alonso.
Antonio Sanchez Then, we meet the man behind the score for Birdman, Antonio Sanchez.
Plus, we ride with pro skateboarder, Felipe Gustavo.
Felipe Gustavo


Sak Noel – Born To Party

Sak Noel – Born To Party 


Christian Serratos – The Walking Dead 

Christian Serratos – The Walking Dead

Latest Episode 1316

This week on American Latino, our host Valery Ortiz presents…the rise and fall, and rise again of UFC fighter Anthony Pettis. We check out the story of a Los Angeles’s first Latino Fire Chief, Ralph Terrazas. Then, we meet American Crime co-star, Benito Martinez. Plus, a glimpse at recording star and mentor no La Voz Kids, Natalia Jimenez.

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