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This week on American Latino, our host Valery ORTIZ takes us to the community theater that is changing the art scene in East LA: "Casa 0101".

And later, we hit the track with Olympic runner Brenda Martinez. AL Brenda Martinez-r100.
AL TylerAlvarez-r100 Then, things get magical on the set of "Every Witch Way" with teen star Tyler Alvarez.
Plus, international super model, Rebecca Da Costa, struts her stuff from the runway all the way to the big screen.
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Latest Episode 1224

This week on American Latino, our host Valery Ortiz catches up with rising star Vinicius Machado. We take you behind “The Life of Juan” with vine superstar, David Lopez. Then, step into the spotlight with the unique sounds of Ceci Bastida. Plus, we catch a wave with elite surfer Filipe Toledo.

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